About us

Message from the CEO

Welcome to the web site
of Kun Yang Co., Ltd.,

Kun Yang Co., Ltd. has manufactured and sold adhesives, Adhesive, surface treatment agents,
UV treatment agents, fluorine water repellents, etc.
the raw materials used in industrial materials, real life materials, advertising interior of cars, etc.,
medical treatment, clothes, etc.

We are making efforts to be more competitive based on
sincerity and honesty in global technology and quality-centered production today.
And we are managing a R & D center with the most excellent research team in the same field,
researching products based on technologies and experiences to have outstanding quality competitiveness.

The executives and staff members are using every ounce of energy to grow and
ensure internal stability based on management philosophy of "Creation of person-centered management and
the trusted enterprise." And we are doing our best today by forming a consensus that the our corporate
environment of mutual respect and technical respect are the basis for producing precise and perfect products.

We wish the executives and staff members in the affiliates who are considerate of Kun Yang Co., Ltd.
and a lot of people who visit the web site development and happiness.

Kun Yang Co., Ltd. CEO